Summer 2016 Semester


The final exam will be given on Thursday 7/7/2016 during the regular class hours, 6 pm -- 10:30 pm. It will be open book: the course web site as well and any internet site will be accessible, and you can also bring any printed material.
Please don't forget to post your course survey at SIRS for 16:137:601:B6, Special topics in Sci/Tech by 11 pm on 7/7. Thanks!

  • Final Exam 2015 Q-and-A

    The class meets on Monday and Wednesday in Engineering D-112 (Linux lab) from 6 pm to 10:25 pm.

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    Course Info General description of the course and objectives
    Text Book An online version of the text book used in this course

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    Dr. Alexei Kotelnikov -- Instructor