Lesson 5

Dates: 6/5/2019
Linux networking
Linux System Administration

Exercises: NetworkManager on Ubuntu 18.04

  • On netplan VM, install NetworkManager, and bring it up:
    apt-get install network-manager
    systemctl enable NetworkManager
    systemctl start NetworkManager

  • On netplan VM, edit file /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml to define NetworkManager as the renderer. The content should show up as follows:
      version: 2
    #  renderer: networkd
      renderer: NetworkManager
  • Have the settings applied:
    netplan apply
    Reboot the VM.
    Network settings with nmtui

  • Run command nmtui to start a configuration menu:
    In thye menu, and apply network settings to 'Wired connection 1' as follows:
    IPv4 CONFIGURATION: Automatic, Address:, Gateway:, DNS servers: Activate the connection.

  • Check the IP address:
    ip addr
    It should show for ens3 interface now. Reboot the VM and verify that the IP address stays the same.

    Network settings with nmcli
  • See the enabled connections:
    nmcli conn
  • Disable 'Wired connection 1':
    nmcli conn down "Wired connection 1" 
    nmcli conn
  • Create another connection with IP address
    nmcli con add con-name "Wired connection 2" ifname ens3 type ethernet ip4 gw4
    nmcli conn
    Check the active IP address:
    ip addr
    Reboot the VM and verify that the IP address shows up the same.
  • Enable 'Wired connection 1':
    nmcli conn up "Wired connection 1" 
    nmcli conn

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