Date: 6/3/2019
Server virtualization with KVM
Linux System Administration

Exercise: Deployment a CentOS appliance VM.

  • Download a tar ball with CentOS VM into /tmp and extract its content into KVM directory:
    cd /tmp
    cd /home/hostadm/KVM
    tar -zxvf /tmp/CentOS7_VM.tgz
    Copy the xml file with VM configuration into directory /etc/libvirt/qemu as shown below; the img file with the VM root file system stays in KVM directory.
    Assign hostadm user and group ownership on the both, xml and img, files:
    sudo cp CentOS7.xml  /etc/libvirt/qemu
    sudo chown hostadm:hostadm /etc/libvirt/qemu/CentOS7.xml
    sudo chown hostadm:hostadm CentOS7.img
    Define the new VM configuration in KVM:
    sudo virsh define /etc/libvirt/qemu/CentOS7.xml
    Start the new VM:
    virsh start CentOS7

  • Login to the new VM console as user hostadm with password unisys:
    virsh console CentOS7

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