Date: 6/3/2019
Server virtualization with KVM
Linux System Administration

Virtualization types on x86 platform

  • Operating system virtualization.
    The system runs with a single Kernel; applications run within 'containers' like on different operating systems.
    Example: Solaris zones, LXC linux containers, Linux OpenVZ, Docker containers.

  • Hardware Emulation (Full virtualization).
    A hypervisor presents an emulated hardware to unmodified guest operating systems.
    Example: VMware desktop/server, VirtualBox, QEMU.

  • Paravirtualization.
    A hypervisor multiplexes access to hardware by modified guest operating systems.
    Example: Xen.

  • A hardware assist virtualization on re-designed x86 platforms, such as AMD-V and Intel-VT.
    Example: KVM, VirtualBox, VMware ESX, Hyper-V

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