15. Final Exam 2021

15.1. How to post the answers in the jupyter notebook.

  • The final exam should be completed on your virtual desktop, and reported in jupyter notebook.

  • You can do the exam continuously for 3 hrs at any time between Thursday 7/8/21 noon time and Saturday 7/10/21 before midnight. There are clock in and clock out scripts to start and submit the exam.

  • Jupyter notebook installation on the virtual desktop was discussed in Section 11.1.

Create directory Final in your home directory on the virtual desktop:

mkdir Final

Download the exam ipynb file into directory Final:

cd Final
wget http://capone.rutgers.edu/coursefiles/Final_2021_summer.ipynb

Copy the ipynb file into your desktop#.ipynb:

cp Final_2021_summer.ipynb $(uname -n)-final.ipynb

Restart the jupyter notebook on your desktop:

pkill -9 jupyter-notebook
jupyter notebook &

Access jupyter notebook through the browser on your virtual desktop by navigating to URL below:


Navigate to folder Final. Open your desktop ipynb file, for example desktop16-final.ipynb

Complete the final exam exercises. In the beginning and the end, execute the clock in and clock out cells, accordingly.