Practical Exercises for midterm exam preparation. 6/13/2018

1. By using command apt-get, download package libqt4-sql into the home directory on the desktop without installing it.

2. Extract the package files into directory PKG.

3. By using command find, find the file with name in directory PKG.

4. By using command find find directory doc in PKG.

5. Remove the file and the directory from PKG.

6. Under PKG/usr/share, create directory tree D1/D2/D3.

7. Copy directory /etc on you desktop into the directory tree.

8. Archive directory PKG into file pkgfile-6-14.tgz by using command tar.

9. Deploy a new VM, exvm1, by cloning kvm1.

10. Find the IP address of exvm1.

11. Create account mike on exvm1.

12. Upload pkgfile-6-14.tgz into the home directory of user mike on exvm1.

13. By using command tar, extract the archive on exvm1.