Topic 8

Dates: 3/8/2017
Start-up and Run Levels. Scheduled jobs (at, cron)
Linux System Administration

Exercise: VM setup for startup scripts

  • Clone kvm1 to a new NFS server VM host, run01, by executing the command below:
    virsh shutdown kvm1
    virt-clone --connect=qemu:///system -o kvm1 -n run01 -f /home/hostadm/KVM/run01.img
  • Check if the new VM is in the list, start it, then login to its console:
    virsh list --all
    virsh start run01
    virsh console run01
  • Fix the host name.
    remove line with " kvm1" in /etc/hosts file, then
    replace kvm1 with run01 in /etc/hostname file,
    Reboot the VM:
    After reboot, the new VM should come up with the correct host name.

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