Lesson 12

Date: 6/24/2015
Basics of Linux Security
Linux System Administration

Exercise: Using GNUtar for consistensy check

You already have downloaded file openssh-4.4p1.tar.gz in the GPG exercises. Unzip and untar the archive and then tar it again so tar assign your ownership to the files in the new archive:
   gunzip openssh-4.4p1.tar.gz 
   tar -xvf openssh-4.4p1.tar 
   tar -cvf openssh-4.4p1.tar openssh-4.4p1

Consistency check:
  tar -df openssh-4.4p1.tar openssh-4.4p1 

It should show you nothing since the archive contains files with identical attributes.
Edit file openssh-4.4p1/ChangeLog and create a new line in it. Run the consistency check again:
   tar -df openssh-4.4p1.tar openssh-4.4p1 
See the results: 'Mod time differs', 'Size differs'

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