Lesson 6

Date: 6/11/2018
Network File System (NFS)
Linux System Administration

NFSv2 and v3 server statelesness

  • NFS server doesn't keep track with what clients access what files.
  • NFS client keeps track with its RPC calls. If the server doesn't respond on an RPC call within defined time period, the client repeats the call.
  • An NFS client receives file handles from NFS server when executes mount and lookup calls.

  • The file handles on a client relate to the file pointers on an NFS server (inode number, disk device number, and inode generation number).
  • If an NFS server crashes or reboots, NFS dependent applications on the client hang and then continue running after the server becomes available.
  • If the file system on the server is changed or corrupted, the client gets a stale file handle error.

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