Lesson 6

Date: 6/11/2018
Network File System (NFS)
Linux System Administration

Exercise: Stale NFS file handle
On the NFS server, master, create a new directory tree under NFS exported directory:
mkdir -p /NFS/home/test/demo
On the client, n01, step into the directory:
cd /NFS/home/test
On the NFS server, master, remove directory test with its subdirectory:
cd /NFS/home
rm -rf test
On the client, run
It should give you the following error:
ls: cannot open directory .: Stale NFS file handle
Step out of the NFS mounted directory:
cd /
The autofs will unmount the NFS directory after the inactivity period, one minute in our case. Next time the NFS is mounted, it will contain the updated directory tree.

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