Lesson 6

Date: 2/22/2017
Network File System (NFS)
Linux System Administration

Exercise: NFS automount
  • Install autofs on n01 (NFS client).
    apt-get install autofs

  • Make sure /NFS/home directory is unmounted:
    df -h
    If it shows in the list of mounted file systems, unmount it. Remove directory /NFS/home:
    rmdir /NFS/home

  • Configure the master map file, /etc/auto.master, and specify the timeout 60 seconds. The content of file /etc/auto.master should be the following:
    /NFS   /etc/auto.exports  --timeout=60

    Configure the exports map file, /etc/auto.exports:
    home  -rw,fstype=nfs4  master:/NFS/home

    Restart or reload autofs:
    service autofs restart

    Access the file system and check if it gets mounted:
    cd /NFS/home
    df -h

  • Step out of the directory:
    Run command df -h again in about two minutes to see if it gets unmounted automatically after the inactivity period.

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