Lesson 1

Date: 5/30/2018
User accounts, files and directories, processes, system commands.
Linux System Administration

Unix history milestones and foundation of Linux

1969: a UNIX like OS on PDP 7 was written by Ken Thompson in Bell Labs It was single user, non-multitasking, written in assembler;

1973: C programming language by Dennis Ritchie in Bell Labs;

1975: First widely available version of UNIX (written in C);

Late seventies: two main stream UNIX distributions - System V from Bell Labs and Berkeley release.

Eighties: commercial UNIX operating systems: DEC, Sun, IBM, etc.

1985: GNU, the Free Software Foundation, is founded (Richard Stallman)

1987: The first GNU C compiler, gcc, becomes freely available via ftp.

1991: Starting of the Free Family Berkely like OS, BSD, (NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD).

1991: Finnish graduate student Linus Torvalds announces release of Linux based on GNU tools.

Now days: numerous distributions of Linux; the fastest developing OS; accepted by some commercial hardware and software vendors (IBM, Oracle, HP, Amazon, Google).

Has become the leading OS in High Performance Computing, Cloud Computing, mobile OS and apps, microcontroller devices.

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