Lesson 2

Date: 5/31/2017
Linux installation and upgrade
Linux System Administration

Ubuntu Installer Stage

  • Hardware detection
  • Check available RAM
  • Language Chooser
  • Country Chooser
  • Choosing a Keyboard
  • Configuring Network
  • Choosing Ubuntu mirror
  • Downloading the Ubuntu Installer components
  • Partitioning Disks
  • Configuring Logical Volume Manager and RAID
  • Configuring Time Zone
  • Configuring the Clock
  • Setting Up Users And Passwords
  • Base System Installation
  • Installing Additional Software
  • Install the Grub Boot Loader on a Hard Disk
  • Finish the Installation and Reboot

    Alt-F* keys
    • Check error messages Left Alt-F4
    • Get shell prompt Left Alt-F2
    • Go back to the installer Left Alt-F1

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