Date: 6/4/2018
Package management
Linux System Administration

Quiry Ubuntu packages with dpkg
What packages are installed on the system?
dpkg -l
Quiry package status with dpkg:
dpkg -s make
dpkg -s tzdata
List the files contained in the package:
dpkg -L tzdata
What package contains a file? For example, command /bin/ls
dpkg -S /bin/ls

Reconfigure a package with command dpkg-reconfigure after installation:
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
To see the current package configuration, command debconf-show can be used, for example:
debconf-show tzdata

If there is no package dependencies, then a package can be installed with command dpkg. Otherwise, use APT.
Install package make:
cp /var/cache/apt/archives/make_4.1-6_amd64.deb /tmp
cd /tmp
dpkg -i make_4.1-6_amd64.deb
Remove package make by using command dpkg:
dpkg --purge make

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