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Course Overview
16:137:601 section B6

Linux System Administration, officially titled 16:137:601 sec B6, is offered in Summer 2017 semester through MBS program.

The first nine topics cover the basics of Linux system administration, including RedHat and Ubuntu operating system flavors. Then students can individually choose one of the three study tracks: Advanced system administration, Security, or High Performance Computing.

I. Core subjects: system administration basics

1. Commands, shells, processes

2. Installation and upgrade

3. Server virtualization with KVM

4. Linux package management

5. Networking

6. Network File System (NFS)

7. System Run levels and process scheduling (at, cron)

8. Linux and Windows interoperability

9. Shell scripting

II. Advanced system administration track

10. Application compilation and linux package building

11. Python for Linux administration

12. Centralized system management (dsh, salt, nagios)

13. LDAP server configuration

14. System analysis and troubleshooting techniques

III. Security track

10. Vulnerability analysis

11. Intrusion detection

12. Firewall configuration and tcp wrappers

13. Kernel linux security (Selinux and Apparmor)

14. Encrypted file systems and communications

IV. High Performance Computing (HPC) track

10. Concepts of parallel computing

11. OpenMP code development

12. MPI code development

13. Computational cluster configuration

14. Queue systems and job scheduling

Maximum course enrollment is fifteen students due to the limited number of workstations. The course will be taught in the Linux laboratory in the Engineering D-Wing (D112).

Class Schedule for Summer 2017

Lecture and practical recitation: Monday, Wednesday 6 pm - 10:25 pm

Online resources: Red Hat Enterprise System Administrator's Guide
Community Ubuntu Documentation
Linux Journal
The Linux Document Project, tldp.org
Various Vendor and Developer web sites
Text Book: Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition, Version 1, Paul Sheer