Final exam exercises. July 6 2017. Time 4 pm -- 6 p.m.

The exercises are supposed to be done by each student solely on his/her desktop in the Linux lab, D-112. It is allowed to use lecture notes at and any printed material. Internet access during the exam will be allowed.
Number of exercises: 6. Each exercise has a maximum score.
You need to create a new file answers.txt in the home directory of user hostadm, where you will be writing answers to the exam exercises. Write your name and the desktop number in the file. When you finish with the exam answers, create directory FINAL, and copy answers.txt into directory FINAL.

1. VM deployment (max score 2)
Deploy virtual appliance final2017, available at
Start final2017 VM. Specify the commands you used here.

2. Port scan (max score 4)
Scan the TCP ports on final2017 VM from your desktop. Specify the command you use for the scan. What the TCP ports show up open?

3. File consistency check (max score 4)
On final2017 VM, there are directories DATA_1, DATA_2, DATA_3 in home directory of user hostadm. Find the files in these directories that have been modified since the time when their tar archive has been created in file openmpi-2.1.1.tar.gz, located in home directory of user hostadm.

4. setuid/setgid executables (max score 4)
In home directory of user hostadm on final2017 VM, find setuid and setgid executable files. Specify the command you used and the path to the files.

5. Code compilation and Makefile (max score 4)
Download a tar ball archive, containing four source codes in it, from
Create a Makefile with targets to compile each source code, and also targets 'all', and 'clean'.

6. GPG (max score 4)
Sign the answers file, answers.txt, with your GPG, and put the signature file into directory FINAL along with the GPG public key and the answers.txt file.
Keep in mind that you can't modify the file after signing it, otherwise, the signature will be invalid.